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Project orchestra SS 24

We are looking forward to a new semester of making music together! You can now register to play with us using the form below.


  • June15, 2024 in Goslar
  • June16, 2024 in the Aula Academica of the TU Clausthal


  • Rehearsal weekend on April 13-14, 2024 in Clausthal
  • Rehearsal weekend on June 01-02,2024 in Clausthal


  • Handel, Fireworks Music
  • Laufs, good luck!
  • Delius, by the river
  • Strauss, Cheerfulness in the mountains
  • Mussorgsky, At night on the bare mountain
  • Grieg, Mountain King and Morning Mood
  • Verdi, Triumphal March from Aida
  • Good luck to you miners

Festive concertUpper Mining Office

Another concert with the same program will take place on 5September2024 as part of the 500th anniversary of the Oberbergamt. Two more rehearsals are scheduled for August21 and September04. When registering, please indicate whether you will also be attending these rehearsal and concert dates.